Chris Tobin Online
Singer, songwriter, guitarist
The origins of the Lee Malvern Four go back to 1967 with Gina Nutt on organ (it wasn’t keyboards in those days!), Nigel (Jonty) Barrett on drums, Malvern Lee on bass and Chris Tobin guitar. By 1969 due to other commitments, Gina and Jonty had left the band to be replaced by Mick Dancer on vocals and Ken Jarman on drums. After several successful years in the Banbury and midlands area the band eventually folded early 1973.

Fast forward to December 2010 we were asked to reform for a charity gig and to our delight and surprise we have been in demand for more gigs and so we’re enjoying being on stage together again with the current line-up of Malvern, Chris, Mick and Ken.

We’re also pleased that our good friend Nigel (Jonty) Barrett is available to play drums for us when needed.

Finally, if you’ve seen us recently you’ll have noticed a younger addition to the band, making us look even older is Hannah Tobin on keyboards and ‘no’ we’re not changing the name of the band, Hannah insists that she has joined the Lee Malvern Four and that’s how it will stay! Thanks for your support and for giving us the opportunity to roll back the years!